How can RCM assist you?

RCM deals with your trouble.

Your trouble could be with the regulatory authorities, with your neighbours, with the community or other stakeholders.  It could simply be about adverse publicity and reputation management.

Trouble may arise from NOT:

  • properly recognizing and managing your risks and vulnerabilities, perhaps by not taking the problem seriously enough either through willful blindness or the “that only happens to other people” attitude, or by not seeking the help of competent and experienced professionals
  • responding soon enough and effectively, perhaps through putting it off or by not doing it right the first time.
Consider engaging RCM if your answers to any of the following 10 questions is “yes” (or even “maybe”).
Are you or your business:
  1. garnering less than positive publicity from residents, businesses or institutions in your locale, from your clients/customers or shareholders/others in the investment community, triggering complaints from workers, neighbours, stakeholders, or the municipality, or attracting attention from Canadian (federal), Ontario or municipal regulatory authorities?
  2. facing challenges in complying with applicable rules and regulations to lawfully operate, changing your workplace or operations without approvals already in hand, or having difficulty in obtaining approvals to make changes that you want to accomplish?
  3. causing an unhealthy/hazardous workplace or unsafe handling/storage of materials?
  4. discharging/spilling without permission to sewers, the outdoor air, surface or ground water, the ground surface or subsurface soil?
  5. processing/treating or disposing of waste on your property or beyond without approval?
  6. going to be inspected by a Canadian (federal), Ontario or municipal authority?
  7. being asked to explain a situation, orally or in writing, or to put in place a plan of action?
  8. being ordered to do something, stop doing something, or change how you are operating?
  9. under investigation by a regulatory authority?
  10. being given an administrative monetary penalty, ticketed or charged with an offence?