How can RCM help you with your trouble?

Behind the scenes, RCM can:

  • provide training on how to manage regulatory authority contacts, prepare you for inspections and investigations, and establish protocols for incident reporting, emergency response, and spill containment and remediation
  • assist you in formulating your written response
  • help you to develop a “script” of talking points for a telephone conversation or meeting with the regulatory authority
  • provide language to use in a challenge (review or appeal) of the proposed terms and conditions of your approval or order
  • prepare with you a media and stakeholders communication plan
  • guide you step-by-step in the aftermath of an incident
  • collaborate with your legal representatives and subject matter experts in preparing you for, and orchestrating the conduct of, your case before any regulatory decision maker, tribunal or court.

At your site, RCM can:

  • as a proactive step, conduct compliance, preparedness, and risk prevention assessments, including a “gap analysis” of your conformance with ISO or other standards
  • compile the internal fact-finding of an incident, to inform your responses to the regulators and to guide you on the possibility of follow-up action by the regulators (inspection, investigation, orders, charges) – to establish and maintain solicitor/client privilege over this work to shield it from disclosure to the regulators, RCM can be formally retained and instructed by and report directly to your lawyer; RCM can recommend a lawyer to you for that purpose
  • manage the regulator’s visits (inspections, investigations) on your behalf – while not your legal representative, RCM can play a similar role to the extent that the regulatory authority does not object.

Elsewhere in the public domain, on your behalf, RCM can:

  • mediate disputes with neighbours, the community and other stakeholders, including negotiating a workplan to address their concerns
  • negotiate a workplan of corrective actions with the regulators, including helping you to select, retain, and instruct consultants and contractors to carry out that work; RCM can project manage and supervise the third party’s work.