What do RCM’s services cost?

RCM will receive your request for services as submitted on this website, and RCM will contact you as soon as possible to discuss it further over the telephone, via email, or in person (we LOVE site visits!), at no initial charge to you.

If we mutually agree that we should work together because RCM can be of assistance and has no conflict of interest, we will execute a retainer agreement that spells out:

  • monthly invoicing, and prompt payment expectations (that fit within your normal practice for accounts payable)
  • fixed fees for specific tasks
  • workplans with budgets, stipulating a range of possible fees and expenses, for discrete stages of work
  • hourly or daily rates
  • reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses
  • other typical disbursements.

RCM normally charges an hourly rate, in tenths of an hour (6 minute) increments, for absolutely every minute of effort, whether that is travelling time, or waiting to do something, or carrying out work on your behalf.  The quid pro quo of charging you for every minute of time is that RCM has a lower hourly rate than you will most likely experience for any legal or other specialized professional, consultant or contractor. Take advantage now of RCM’s low introductory rates.

RCM expects to be reimbursed for all invoiced out-of-pocket expenses (receipts, if available, on request), including mileage, rental vehicles and equipment (if necessary), flights, meals, overnight accommodations, etc.

RCM also charges a nominal office administration surcharge for each month invoiced, to cover typical expenses (e.g., office supplies, cell phone data usage).

13% HST is collected on all invoiced items.