Why choose RCM?

RCM is one person, who will take a personal and dedicated interest in your file.  You will get to know him, and he will get to know you and how your organization works.

You can choose RCM instead of a lawyer because:

  • RCM will perform many of the same roles as a legal representative would, except for providing formal legal advice and representing you before the courts or tribunals or in the presence of regulators who object to other than a legal representative
  • likely RCM will be able to get started much sooner than the response time from a law firm – RCM is willing to provide clients already on retainer with 24/7 365 days per year contact information, to re-engage RCM without delay
  • RCM has the background of a specialized professional in these areas, that is more focused and experienced in the subject matter than typically most lawyers who have a general or corporate/commercial or litigation practice
  • Unlike a law firm (and many of the larger consulting firms), RCM has very little overhead, and its fees reflect this – this allows you to more intensively involve and utilize RCM than you may be willing to do with higher priced professional services
  • RCM is willing to work in conjunction with your lawyer, to collaborate on strategy and to establish solicitor/client privilege over RCM’s work in sensitive situations.

You can choose RCM instead of a consultant or contractor for many of the same reasons, and RCM is willing to work in conjunction with the consultants and contractors of your choosing, including helping you to get those professionals on board and supervising their work for you.